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Foreign Talents Distpach:

Provide full process services for Expats Dispatch, including recruitment and daily management,visa application, daily life support, vocational training, human resource management and expats relocate services 

Foreign Talents Head Hunting:

We provide services for Foreign Talents Head Hunting service. This includes talents recommendation, talents exploring, talents tracking, candidates evaluation foreign talents and experts .

Visa services:

We provide Visa Application Services for Foreign Expats.

Teacher Training Services:

Provide Vacational Training for ESL Teachers.


About LeadsAsia

LeadsAsia Human Resources (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and has the qualification of legal hiring foreign experts (agency type) issued by the National Bureau of Foreign Experts, Foreign Expats Human Resources Consulting, Foreign Talents Head-Hunting, Foreigner Visa Application, Social Media Branding Promotion Services. Our services covers the foreign talents career industry, foreign cultural and foreign experts, as well as the referral of high-level economic and technological foreign talents. Our company history can be traced back to 1996, formerly known as the Shenzhen Hong Kong Education Training Center, It is one of the leading company in Shenzhen to hold school license, foreign labor dispatch qualifications, bring in of international courses and provide foreign cultural and educational experts and social media promotion of international branding for universities. Since our establishment, we have successfully helped over 10,000 foreign experts to get their dream job.


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Choose LeadsAsia

【Elite Team】A high-quality service management team with 100% undergraduates , 40% professional English Level 8 Certificate holders, 10% licensed Human Resource Certificate holders, 10% licensed Senior Level Teacher Certificate holders, 20% of our team are with overseas graduates and 20% are foreign employees. 【The Professional Legalization Procedures Department】Comprehensively guarantees the legality and compliance of various procedures for Foreign Talents during their work in China and establishes a professional legal support team. 【Service Guarantee】 Full day customer service with a professional customer service team established to closely track the general status of foreign expats.

Quality Talents

20000+ foreign talents pool from prestigious universities


Exceeding the expectations of the employer's position expectations.

Full day customer service

7 * 12 hour 24-hour one-on-one management and communication, ready to solve all problems for customers.


If the talent performance does not meet the expected requirements of the job, we gurantee all service fees will be refunded.

high-quality corporate customers

Safe and easy payment support mainstream payment methods, such as Alipay, paypal, Zelle, etc., support US dollar, RMB and other currencies. Fair price, safe payment, peace of mind.

20,000+foreign talents from prestigious universities