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Visa Service & Company Registration

Foreigners Working Visa


1. Understand the basic information of the applicant and provide professional endorsement consultation and analysis.

2. Notice of initiating the application for a foreign employment permit.

3. Initiate the application for employment permits for foreign nationals.

4. Initiate the application for a foreign resident permit.

Application Type

1、 Situation of Chinese Companies (all three conditions met)

1. The registered capital of the business license shall not be less than 50,0000 RMB

2. The company has a real office

3. At least one Chinese employees with social security

2、 Personal Situation(meeting A or B category talents)

Class A (high paying executive talent) meets one of the following conditions:

1. Pre tax salary is more than 6 times higher than the local average

2. Score 85 or above

Class B (professional and technical personnel) meets one of the following conditions:

1. Bachelor's degree or above, and 2 years or more of full-time relevant work experience after graduation

2. Score above 60 points

3. It is the legal representative or shareholder of a Chinese company, and its pre tax salary is more than 4 times the local average

The service includes 10 parts

1. Chinese companies applying for employment guarantee qualifications

2. Notice of applying for a work permit to come to China if the person is overseas

3. Follow up on foreign nationals applying for Z-visa to enter China

4. Responsible for domestic medical examinations and applying for work permits to come to China

5. Guide the application of work related residence permits

6. Responsible for family member endorsement

7. Free renewal for the second year

8. When a foreigner resigns, their license will be cancelled free of charge

9. Foreigners can change their passports and obtain free change permits

10. Information change of Chinese companies, free change of guarantee qualification

Unsuccessful full refund!